Tony’s Story

Tony’s Story

Tony found his way to CAN through AVOW Hospice in January 2021. Tony was preparing to be released from the AVOW in-patient care to at home hospice care and “at home” was a tent behind the Circle K gas station. CAN quickly went to work looking for any organization that was able to help.  CAN made sure Tony has applied for SSI and he was just waiting on final approval. He finally began working with CASL, hoping they could assist him with a place to live. Given his situation, that was not a viable option. As soon as he began receiving SSDI, he temporarily moved into a hotel. CAN was assisting with his hotel rent, his phone bill, and food cards. Due to hotel living being unsustainable, CAN reached out to the Hunger and Homeless Coalition of Collier County. We relayed Tony’s story and within a few weeks Tony has a real home! In working with the Hunger and Homeless Coalition, CAN made sure that he had all basic necessities met.  Not only has CAN continued to help with Tony’s phone bill and food cards,  CAN also set him up with the Lion and the Lamb Foundation. The Lion and the Lamb Foundation took Tony on a shopping spree to Walmart to make sure that he had clothes, blankets, new towels, etc. James reached out to CAN after his shopping trip with Fred and cried praises. He could not believe that there was such kindness and that people really cared. He is grateful to be spending his remaining days, however long or short that may be, in the safety of his own space.

For nearly 20 years, generous support from our community has made it possible for CAN to help families and individuals like Tony, and that assistance is critical to everything we do at Cancer Alliance Network.

Thanks to contributions from individuals who give so much, we have helped over 1,200 children and adults battling cancer in our local communities.  For families and individuals on the verge of not being able to keep the lights on at home or pay necessary bills, CAN’s financial assistance is precious. It preserves human dignity and helps them focus on fighting their cancer battle with peace of mind.  Facing a world of unknowns and being forced to make life-changing medical decisions, as well as dealing with mounting pressures of everyday living expenses, CAN helps, when there is nowhere else to turn.

You CAN help to support the journeys of so many of our neighbors by making a gift to Cancer Alliance Network today.  Your gift will provide greatly needed resources to a local family or individual who is currently experiencing a cancer diagnosis. 


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