Summer of Gratitude – August 14, 2020

A Message From The Executive Director

We are nearing the end of our Summer of Gratitude. CAN could never, ever thank everyone who has been a part of the journey. I have only been with the charity five out of the incredible 18 years. What I do know is Cancer Alliance Network was the idea of a small group of individuals who wanted to make a difference in their local community. I know that this group was surrounded by others who helped with the start of CAN. I know that Neighbors Helping Neighbors truly became the tagline. They told their friends, who told their friends, who told someone with cancer we could help. Did you know that, at first, CAN was provided free space to work at the Naples Community Hospital (NCH)? NCH assisted in supporting the charity in the early years to get CAN off the ground. Not only did NCH provide space but assisted with the operational support to help run the charity. There have been countless businesses, volunteers, board members, and organizations that have helped to shape the CAN we see today. When I arrived at CAN, I was told there used to be a waiting list for clients. CAN did not have the financial resources to help all families in need. I was told staff often shared a paycheck, or worked overtime without pay to make sure the doors stayed open. If COVID-19 had happened during those times, I am not sure there would be a CAN, as we are, today.

I could only possibly know a small snippet of the story.  I know what I have experienced and what others have shared up until this point. CAN is at a place now, where we have grown from a small grass-roots organization, to a medium size non-profit. In order to keep the love and history alive we need you to share your story and the stories that brought CAN to the place we are today. Another project that we have attended to during this down time was going through old photos and event flyers to help us remember what brought us here. You are the reason we are here today. You are the reason we continue to help more and more cancer patients each year. You are the reason, that in the midst of all of this, we can continue in our mission: providing non-medical financial aid, resources and support to children, families and individuals touched by cancer.


Stay Well, Stay Healthy.

Jodi Bisogno, Executive Director

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