Matthew’s Story

Matthew’s Story

Matthew, 54, single and living alone in Cape Coral, was managing fine until he had a seizure at work one day. He went on the have another seizure at work and was dismissed from his position shortly thereafter. About a month later, Matthew was not feeling well and having shortness of breath. He went to the ER and was diagnosed with Pneumonia. While being treated as an inpatient, additional tests were run, and it was discovered that Matthew had bladder cancer. Now, living alone with no job or vehicle (the state took away his license due to his seizures), he came to CAN with nowhere else to turn. CAN ensured that he applied for Social Security Disability and was working his way through all the available resources. CAN then moved forward with utility assistance to get his lights back on and six months of rental assistance while he underwent chemotherapy. In January 2020, Matthew reached back out to CAN as his SSDI still had not come through and he was behind in his rent. His chemotherapy treatment was finished, but his battle with cancer was not. CAN assisted in finding additional resources to help him catch up with rent as well as a bed to sleep on (Matthew had sold all his possessions in the few months prior just trying to stay afloat). In March of 2020, Matthew went to Moffitt Cancer Center for surgery to have his bladder removed. He remined inpatient seven days post-surgery. Recently Matthew reached out to CAN to let us know that he is now cancer free! He is still recovering from his surgery and is trying to put on weight. Given his recent chemotherapy, he still does not have his taste back, so eating is not as enjoyable as it once was. He is still battling with Social Security Disability, attempting to gain income as he is still unable to work. He remains hopeful. Matthew is grateful for all the kind people that he has met along his journey as well as the organizations that have helped to keep him afloat. He has grand plans of giving back to his community and to those who have helped him along the way as soon as he is able. For nearly 20 years, generous support from our community has made it possible for CAN to help families and individuals like Mathew, and that assistance is critical to everything we do at Cancer Alliance Network. Thanks to contributions from individuals who give so much, we have helped over 1,200 children and adults battling cancer in our local communities.  For families and individuals on the verge of not being able to keep the lights on at home or pay necessary bills, CAN’s financial assistance is precious. It preserves human dignity and helps them focus on fighting their cancer battle with peace of mind.  Facing a world of unknowns and being forced to make life-changing medical decisions, as well as dealing with mounting pressures of everyday living expenses, CAN helps, when there is nowhere else to turn. You CAN help to support the journeys of so many of our neighbors by making a gift to Cancer Alliance Network today.  Your gift will provide greatly needed resources to a local family or individual who is currently experiencing a cancer diagnosis.   


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