Meet Susanna

Meet Susanna

Susanna moved from Miami to Naples in 2020 and started working at NCH. She is the proud mother of 2 children and loves her new life here in Naples. In December of 2021, Sabra felt a lump in her breast and contacted her doctor. Her worst nightmare had come true; her lump was the result of breast cancer. She met with her physicians and oncologist and began chemotherapy on January 7, 2022. Her chemotherapy treatments did not allow her to continue her work, so she soon found herself under financial stress. Her oncologist informed her of the Cancer Alliance Network, and she called to see if they could financially assist her while she was out of work. She was amazed, relieved and grateful as CAN began paying her rent, utilities and car insurance. It helped her cope with her anxiety as she continued her chemotherapy treatments.

Sabra completed her treatments by January 27, 2023. Today, she is happy to celebrate that she is back to work part-time and done with her treatment. “CAN was there and helped me keep my car and my home. I am so grateful for their assistance and the entire CAN Team who supported me through this very difficult journey”. Today, Sabra wishes to give back to CAN and her community. She will begin volunteering with CAN in 2024 to say Thank You to everyone who supports their mission. “It’s important and truly helps when there’s nowhere else to turn.”

Partner with us as we continue this pivotal mission at or call 239-643-HOPE (4673).”


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