Our Team

Our Team

Providing leadership and oversight for Cancer Alliance Network is a priority for ensuring that beneficiaries never have to be placed on a waiting list again.  Maintaining and advancing the programs, services, and financial support is of upmost importance for the organization. Cancer Alliance Network helps families get on with their lives-while they fight for their lives.  Serving Collier and Lee Counties. Our team strives to promote Cancer Alliance Network throughout our community, recruit talented volunteers, sustain, develop and expand our supporters, and ensure Cancer Alliance Network is a place where CAN beneficiaries can feel welcome and supported.  There are so many reasons to support the work of Cancer Alliance Network. Call any of us and we would be happy to talk about how you CAN make a difference.

Neftali Feliciano

Chief Executive Officer

239-643-4673 EXT. 209

Email: neftali@canceralliancenetwork.org


Chelle Sutyak

Administrative Operations Director 

239-643-4673 EXT. 201

Email chelle@canceralliancenetwork.org


Stephanie Kerr

Community Resource Liaison

239-643-4673 EXT. 207

Email: stephanie@canceralliancenetwork.org


Veronica Morley 

Lead Case Manager – Se Habla Español

239-643-4673 EXT. 205

Email: veronica@canceralliancenetwork.org


Kristie Sammons 

Programs Director

239-643-4673 EXT. 204

Email kristie@canceralliancenetwork.org 

Michelle Ciuffettelli  

Development Director

239-643-4673 EXT. 202

Email: michelle_c@canceralliancenetwork.org




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